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Blackford Centre for Copywriting

What kind of writing do you need?

» Writing better copy
» What kind of copy?
» How to link sentences
» Writing for the web

This checklist covers some of the points you should consider when preparing to write copy.

  • What is the most important point to convey?
  • What other points do you want to cover?
  • In what form will the writing appear (direct mail, leaflet, window display)?
  • What benefits are you offering?
  • How much detail do you need to provide?
  • Where does this writing fit in the overall selling process? Is it the first communication? Or is it in response to an advertisement?
  • Do you have all the background information you need?
  • What should your writing achieve? Should it change opinions or make a sale?
  • How does the writing take the reader to the next stage? Is there a coupon or a sales hot-line?


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