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Some of our students' successes

Ali Hunter

“I was lucky to get a full time job as a Copywriter for a travel agent in my first few months of starting the course. I write with one other person, and we are put under a lot of time pressure. This is challenging as I’m still learning, but it’s good experience to work against the clock and get used to a client’s deadlines. I have to quickly learn to write succinctly and edit my work accurately. The thing I’ve been working on that I enjoy the most is a blog about long haul travel.

Before things got really busy at home, I also volunteered for an internship writing social media for a Celebrity PA and presenter. This was advertised via the Blackford Centre mailing list. Again, I’m enjoying this – it’s different and great to learn about social media copy.

The time pressure in both these roles has been challenging, but I definitely feel like I’m putting what I’m learning on the course into action in the work I’m doing! It makes a huge difference that the course can be flexible and adapt to unexpected things that happen in life.

My tutor and the staff at Blackford, has been very supportive so far and my confidence is growing. I can’t wait for what lies ahead on the course and beyond!”

Ali Hunter

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