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Some of our students' successes

Natasha Philips

I’m still trying to build my copywriting clientele, but I’ve been given the chance to do lots of interesting things over the last 12 months.

I’ve written copy for a soft drink company, working on their new campaign to raise exposure for a new beverage; social media and website tone of voice copy for a celebrity and TV makeup artist, more social media content for an insurance company’s new fitness initiative, government-focused proposals for charities and law firms as well as a range of copy for third sector stakeholders looking to change policy on child welfare issues. That’s my passion and I’d love to be able to cultivate more copy work from that sector. However, I love writing about different things so it’s great to have varied work too, it’s definitely an up side. I was also lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work full time for a transport company in-house but decided to turn it down in the end, due to child care priorities.

That is definitely an issue, and part time copy work seems difficult to find, but I’m building a list of ways to source it, which is helping. I really enjoyed the course and it has been incredibly useful in the real world, which is not something you can say often about courses generally.

My tutor Lee Enefer was also fantastic, and hugely supportive both during and after the course.

Natasha Phillips

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