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What is copywriting?

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is the words used in advertisements, TV commercials, and brochures.

Whenever a firm promotes itself (through a press release, a leaflet or a newsletter), it needs a copywriter.

And online, businesses need copywriters to write their promotional e-mails and web pages.

That’s why copywriting is everywhere – on big posters, local newspaper ads, on the net, and in every clever slogan.

Copywriting is probably the most creative and demanding branch of writing. You start with a blank sheet of paper. You may have only a couple of days to meet the client’s deadline. And your work could be read by millions of people.

Who needs copywriters?

The market is vast. Every business, small and large, has to promote itself. Every company needs leaflets, direct mail letters or web pages. And every new product needs a pack that will entice us to buy it.

These days all organizations need to communicate. That includes hospitals, local authorities, charities and small businesses. So the opportunities for the copywriter are infinite.

And because organizations constantly alter, their literature and ads need regularly changing, too. That keeps us copywriters busy!

What copywriting isn’t!

Copywriting is different from copyright . Copyright is about owning the rights to a book, play or picture. Confusing, huh?

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