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Copywriting VIP Offer

Distance Learning Courses

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Hi {{First_Name}}Kit, would you like extra help?

You’re enrolling in the Diploma in Copywriting.
Thank you for doing that. It’s lovely to welcome you on to the course.
But would you like some extra support?

We know there are challenges in becoming a copywriter.

...and that’s why we’ve created the VIP edition


The Copywriting VIP Welcome

It’s a one-to-one 45-minute welcome call between you and your course advisor.
Scheduled at a time of your choosing, your advisor will help you understand:
How the course works. There are many elements to it: the modules, videos, exercises, tutor support … there’s a lot to know. You won’t waste time trying to work out how all the parts fit together. How to complete the assignments. Get hints and tips on how to write them faster, and get a better grade! How to fit the course around your busy schedule. What to do in the unlikely event that you’re stuck or not sure what to do. How to create a study plan. You’ll waste less time and stay on track.
The advisor will focus on your specific needs, understand your concerns, show you how set up a study plan, and provide detailed advice.
For you, it could mean the difference between success and failure.
This is an invaluable investment. It will save you time and equip you to be a better copywriter by knowing more about the profession. You’re seeing a once-only, non-repeatable offer.


*We offer 60 day money-back guarantee on this VIP Welcome – and the course itself.
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