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Counselling Courses

Blackford Centre for Counselling

Need a counsellor?

Click here for a searchable list of great counsellors.

Or, get help from one of our students.

If you want some counselling, use our free counselling service.

There’s no cost. No fees. No strings. Just free counselling.

Here’s how it works.

Put your email in the form at the bottom of the page. It will arrive in your inbox in a second. The form will ask you about your concerns. It’s anonymous. If necessay, use a throwaway email address (type ‘throwaway email address’) into Google.

We’ll send that form to selected students, some of whom may reply to you with their offer of support.

You pay nothing for this counselling. It’s free.

We hope you’ll like it

We hope you’ll be sufficiently pleased with the support you get that you’d consider using the further services of one of our learners.

But you’re under no commitment.

Feedback, please

We’d like your feedback. It will help us improve the service. Even if you didn’t like the work, or you had no response, we’d still like to know.

And it would be nice if you thanked those students who reply. It only needs to be a one-liner, and you’re unlikely to get suggestions from more than 2-3 people. So it won’t be a lot of work.

What our students get out of it

Our students get some experience of real world counselling. We get more confident students. And you get free support. Everyone wins.


Since the free counselling service is outside our control, we take no responsibility for any support or advice provided by our students.

We also make no assertion or commitment as to the quality or quantity of responses received.

Caveats and limitations

  1. You can use this service only once. We don’t want to take work away from our hard working professional colleagues.
  2. This free service is available only to individuals and charities.

Next steps

To participate, simply click here to enter the details of your request.

When your request has been validated by our staff you’ll receive a confirmation as we pass your details on to a sample of our students.


Speak to
an advisor on
781 1715

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