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Counselling Courses

Blackford Centre for Counselling

Accredited Diploma in Counselling

Fees and Registration

Online Edition

You access this course online. There are no printed materials, so you save money.

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UK £ 690
Europe € 828
USA & Canada $ 972
Rest of the World $ 990
Online Edition and Printed Materials

You'll receive a large box via Fedex. This contains all your course materials in a printed and bound format. You also get access to the online edition.

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UK £ 810
Europe € 948
USA & Canada $ 1116
Rest of the World $ 1140

What do you get for your money?

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Other Ways to Pay

If paying in full, you can also pay by bank transfer. Contact us here.

Want to enrol more than one person?

Call 0800 781 1715. We can offer a discount on multiple enrolments.

Learner Feedback

“I had researched a lot of counselling courses in the past, but when I read the course content and straight-forward approach the Blackford Centre take, I knew it was the one for me. The course can take anywhere up to two years but I fast-tracked it to gain my qualification earlier. I opted to pay in instalments and the literature arrived really quickly via courier.

I found the staff at The Blackford Centre very helpful, accommodating and friendly, answering my queries swiftly and comprehensively. I had complete confidence in them.

My Tutor was Nik Ethridge who I found extremely supportive. He marked my Assignments in record speed, often the same day, which was a huge benefit as they recommend you do not move onto the next Module before you get your grade and feedback. I can honestly say the feedback each time was extremely beneficial, often resulting in me having that ‘penny dropping’ moment when he explained something I had overlooked or misinterpreted. His constructive comments helped me move onto the next Module with ease, and were also enlightening when I read them back after completing the course.

At one point Nik suggested a particular approach in bereavement counselling which I felt at the time was not terribly beneficial for me or the client, but since then I have used this technique and it worked. Again, a penny dropping moment!

Without thinking, I find I am using different techniques myself in my day-to-day life too – CBT therapy, turning negative thoughts into positive ones, really can help when you’re having a bad day.

I cannot start my business officially until my name changes when I get married in a few weeks, but have all my marketing material ie business cards, flyers, posters, letters etc ready in the study for that time. We cover step-by-step marketing in one of the Modules, so you know exactly where and how to start your business when you qualify.”

– Jan Brown

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