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The Blackford Institute for Counselling

Counselling Courses

Diploma in Counselling Course

Why Choose Our Counselling Course?

Why Choose Us?

Other Organisations

Unlimited time to complete your course – because sometimes life gets in the way. Many organisations require you to complete the course in a year.

60-day refund period. Take your time to reflect on whether you’re happy with the course. Some organisations only give you 7 days to cancel your course if you’re not happy with it.

1:1 tutor support.All our tutors are practising in their field, so you get real-world answers. Some organisations get in-house people to mark the assignment using simple tick-boxes. So you never discover the deep-down insiders’ information.

Easy to grasp. We provide a carefully graduated learning experience. Some companies make their first assignment hard, so many students give up straightaway.

Interesting course material. Our course is fun to do. Others provide a dry, academic course that is boring to read and time consuming. It’s harder to do a course if the material is dull.

Includes detailed information on how to run a business. Many organisations don’t think about including this very important information.

You can contact other learners, so you can learn from them and share experiences. Some organisations have no system for letting you make contact, so you’re isolated.

You receive regular Progress Reports and reminders, tailored to your individual progress. They will help you stay on track. You’re unlikely to get this from other organisations.


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