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Counselling Courses

Blackford Centre for Counselling

Accredited Diploma in Counselling Course

Where can this course take me?

Obtaining your Diploma in Counselling is the first step to a satisfying career as a self-employed counsellor.

Your Diploma will enable you to set up your own counselling practice, either from home or from business premises. You can either work part-time or full-time, and can take on as many clients as you wish.

With a Diploma in Counselling you can help people with all kinds of problems such as marriage breakdowns, bereavement, stress and anxiety.

Your clients may range from children or adolescents with problems to adults who can’t get their lives on track.

Whilst studying for your counselling qualification, you’ll have learnt not just how to help people with their difficulties, but also how to set up and run a successful business.

The Diploma in Counselling will show you how to give advice and guidance to people who can’t cope with some of the problems of today’s busy and modern life.

If you are a caring person who knows how to listen and offer advice then the Diploma in Counselling will enhance these skills.


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