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Divorce Coach Diploma

The Blackford Centre

The 9 Modules

  • Why people get divorced.
  • The divorce process
  • The impact of divorce: emotions, life organisation, possessions and finances
  • You as a divorce coach. Necessary skills and knowledge
  • What a divorce coach does, and what they don’t do.

  • Understanding the client’s behaviour and attitudes
  • Conflict management
  • Effective communication in divorce
  • The emotional aspects of divorce band how to deal with them
  • The emotional stages of divorce: surprise, through shock, to anger and acceptance

  • Therapy versus mentoring. The different roles
  • Remote contact or face-to-face?
  • One-to-one.
  • Group sessions.
  • The free initial call.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly coaching.
  • Group coaching calls: Eight hours of group time with me in
  • weekly group coaching calls, where we review the key elements for the week ahead and you can ask any of your questions. Each call is approximately one hour.
  • Understanding the TFAR chain
  • Time out.
  • Terminating the sessions
  • The tailor-made divorce plan

  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Building a support network
  • Identifying repeated cycles of behaviour
  • Moving on. Re-entering the dating world.
  • Topical creams, oils and lotions. Balms, salves and liniments.
  • Future proofing future relationships. Pre-nups. Understanding and finding the ideal soul mate
  • Flaws for the client to be aware of, in themselves and others.

  • The impact of divorce on the child’s
  • The emotional stages of divorce for children
  • Supporting children through divorce
  • Dealing with in-laws

  • How to structure each session. Useful tools.
  • Goals: POSERS or SMART
  • Filters: VAK(OG)
  • Modelling/ Milton System
  • TOTE
  • Time Lines
  • Frames
  • Techniques to help the client manage their emotions. Stress reduction
  • Breakup Recovery Retreats

  • Understanding the client’s finances
  • Identifying assets
  • Splitting assets

  • Pricing your services
  • Getting paid
  • Keeping client files
  • The legal form of your practice
  • Your business name
  • Keeping the books, your accountant, and paying tax
  • Liaising with other professionals

  • The different ways to market your business
  • Creating a website. Online appointment booking
  • The importance of networking
  • Divorce lawyers. Divorce websites
  • Publishing promotional material
  • Where to advertise
  • Using social media as a marketing tool
  • Ebook, tips

  • • Editable client and business forms, checklists and guides.
  • • Assets guide.
  • • ‘How to price your services’ document
  • • Sample list of services and price list
  • • Affirmations and epigrams for your clients
  • • Calming hypnotherapy audio files
  • • Software list for the divorce coach (including calendar booking)
  • • Advice sheets for your client
  • • Publicity and marketing leaflets
  • • ‘Questions to ask your clients’ sheet
  • • Library of divorce materials

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