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Dog Grooming Courses

Blackford Centre

Our Learners' Photos

Aisling Clifford

I began looking into Dog Grooming as I really was not loving my job at the time and I thought I needed a change of scene. I have always loved animals especially big dogs and my degree was basically in customer service so I decided this would be the perfect role for me. I found the course online and after reading through the reviews I decided to give it a chance.

My first groom took an hour and it was in the staff area of a hotel so it was a bit of a weird one. I hope the next time we will have a better set up so I wont have to be bending over quite so much. The dog has a reputation as being a bit mischievous but once I showed him that the clippers weren’t as scary as he thought and that the quicker he stood still the quicker I would leave him alone we were off to a good start. I cant wait for the next groom!

I think further down the line I will work for a salon to get more experience and then possibly set up my own salon.

– Aisling

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