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Dog Grooming Courses

Blackford Centre

Our Learners' Photos

Mary K. Daniel

Here are a couple of pictures of my Yorkie Jake after I finally had the courage to do his grooming myself.

The one of him in the chair is when I gave him an all over grooming, and the head shot was the first time I groomed him after he had been shaved by the last groomer we had.

This was the reason I decided to learn to groom him instead of taking him to someone. This picture was actually taken two months after the groomer shaved off all his hair. I could not believe what she did to my wee guy.

I think groomers need to remember they really have to clients when they’re grooming. One is of course the dog and the other is the owner. I told this groomer I know at least a half a dozen times not to shave him yet when she finally brought him back to me I didn’t even recognize him.

But it led to me your school and I do believe it has been the best thing I have ever done.

Thank you for everything!

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