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Zoe Fuller

From a young age, I have been very interested in animals and their welfare but did not know which career path to choose! I researched the options and thats when I discovered The Blackford Centre Dog Grooming Diploma which seemed the perfect option for me as an online course was so easy to work around my job and it came with the added bonuses of mentoring, press releases and accreditation which I couldnt get with courses elsewhere!

For such an affordable price I decided I would give the Diploma my best shot and see if I could start a career from it. Turns out I fell in love with dog grooming and couldnt wait to set up my own business! I am finding grooming dogs a really good experience and as a massive animal lover, I have finally found something I really enjoy to do and as a bonus, something I can make a career of!

I love the feeling of working for myself and getting to do something so different every day – I can be doing a complete shave down on a rescued matted St Bernard one day and simply cutting the nails of a grumpy Chihuahua the next! I have found it easier than I thought it would be, due to discovering I have a natural artistic flair however there are a lot of difficulties that come with the job that The Blackford College diploma and my experiences with different dogs have allowed me to overcome. 99% of the time you will not have a dog who comes in with a beautiful coat and stands still for you whilst you complete the perfect groom… its very much the opposite! I have had many dogs who have been aggressive, extremely nervous, matted or puppies who just wont stand still but with practice I have learnt how to deal with these issues and can still provide a great dog grooming service.

My dog (and cat) grooming service is called Cuts4Scruffs and is based in Kidderminster. Our main aim is to provide an affordable dog grooming service that is relaxed and friendly with no cages or other pets in the room (just a 1 to 1 service) in order to make grooming an enjoyable experience for pets instead of a scary one! If you would like to book in your pet then please visit our website www.zoefuller16.wix.com/cuts4scruffs or our facebook page www.facebook.com/cuts4scruffs and contact us for more information.

Zoe Fuller, owner of Cuts4Scruffs

Teddy before

Teddy after

Here are the photos of my brand new salon! 😀

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