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Diploma in Pet Bereavement

The Blackford Centre

Coping with Pet loss

Burying a Pet

The death of a pet is a painful loss. Animals create a bond with you that is hard to replace.

But eventually we are all faced with important questions regarding burial once our pet is no longer in this world. Since this is an emotional time, some people end up making decisions they regret. For example, they may not have identified a final resting place for their pet, and so they can’t come to mourn.

The foremost and most important decision regarding pet burial is the location of the grave or a spot for the remains.
You may have the option of burying your pet in your garden, in a graveyard, or having your pet cremated and then to preserve the ashes.

The route you choose varies from person to person, and depends on how you want your beloved animal friend to be remembered.

Many people believe that providing a proper burial to their pet maintains the pet’s dignity and gives them the closure they require. The way in which your pet’s remains are treated will be important in helping you deal with this loss.

Home burials

If you want to keep the pet close to their world, you may opt for home burial. This is also an excellent way for the grieving family to hold a proper funeral and memorial service for the pet. This can help in dealing with your loss.

You can make a grave under bushes or trees that your pet liked to play under, or in a quiet corner of the garden where you can place a grave marker, a small tombstone or plant a tree, to mark your beloved pet’s resting place.

Home burial is the best option if your house is a permanent one, and one in which you will be staying for many years. But if the house is rented, or there is no proper burial place, you need to consider other options. We examine them next.

You can also use a pet memorial plaque in your home as a way or remembering your pet.


Cremation is a process where the dead body of a pet is subjected to high temperatures, until the organic matter is converted into dried bones and ashes.

These ashes are then put in a sealed plastic bag and returned to you. Pet owners who do not have a proper burial ground sometimes choose to bury just the ashes.

You can also keep the ashes in urns to be buried later once you are ready to part with your pet.

Pet urns are available in many different designs and sizes and some are made in environmentally friendly materials for burial. You can also get decorative urns for keeping the ashes at home, close to you.

Pet Cemetery

There are special pet cemeteries that cater to the burial of pets and provide a special resting ground for them. Burying a pet in a cemetery ensures that your pet’s remains will not be disturbed and will be properly cared for. Even though pet cemeteries are expensive, you will feel reassured about your pets’ resting place and can visit any time you want.

Along with the burial, you can hold a proper memorial service and the mark the grave with a picture of your pet in a frame, a plaque engraved with a quote or saying, or simply your pet’s name.


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