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Diploma in Pet Bereavement

The Blackford Centre

What the course covers

  • Is pet bereavement counselling for you?
  • What kinds of skills do you need?
  • Traits of bereavement counsellors
  • Objectives of a pet bereavement counsellor
  • Handling client visits

  • The counsellor’s role in the pet bereavement process
  • Exploring emotions
  • The stages of grief

  • Types of pets
  • Examining the pet and owner relationship
  • Benefits of owning a pet

  • What can you do to help?
  • Understanding pet loss
  • How far do you go with your counselling?
  • Is pet bereavement counselling different from human bereavement counselling?
  • Commonalities between human and pet bereavement counsellors

  • What are the main counselling skills?
  • How to ask questions
  • How to listen without interrupting
  • How to summarise
  • How to offer advice

  • Establishing a counselling procedure
  • Phrases and vocabulary to use
  • Making notes during and after a consultation

  • Offering pet bereavement counselling to others
  • Pet bereavement and children
  • Pet bereavement and older/single people
  • Pet bereavement and other animals
  • Dealing with lost or missing pets

  • Pet bereavement methodologies
  • Dealing with a natural death
  • Euthanasia
  • Know the process
  • Dealing with unexpected loss
  • Disposing of the remains
  • Burying the pet

  • Urging the client not to move too quickly
  • Signs your client may not be ready for a new pet
  • Signs your client may be ready for a new pet
  • Understanding that the new pet is not the same as the old one
  • Lowering the client’s expectations of the new pet
  • Urging the client not to compare

  • A place to work
  • A pet bereavement counsellor’s equipment
  • Other aspects to consider
  • Setting up your practice on a small budget
  • Putting together a practice plan

  • Marketing your Practice
  • Your website
  • Networking
  • Leaflet drops
  • PR
  • Referrals from existing clients
  • Advertising

  • What to charge
  • Keeping Books
  • Your Accountant
  • Paying Tax
  • Idemmity Insurance
  • Keeping records safe

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