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Diploma in Pet Bereavement

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Coping with pet loss

Pet Sympathy Cards

When a loved pet passes away, it’s hard for us to find the right words to express our sympathy. Finding words of solace for the bereaved isn’t easy.

Not all of us are physically near when someone’s pet dies.

That means we have to put our support in the post or send them by email.

Writing a letter or email of sympathy is an ordeal. You have to carefully choose your words.
This is the time when sympathy cards can express our understanding of someone’s loss. They let us offer compassion to someone going through that pain.

We’re used to sympathy cards for those who are experiencing human loss. But they’re increasingly being used for people who are faced with the death of their pet.

Pet sympathy cards are an excellent way to give support to pet owners who have just received a traumatic loss.

Since not many people can relate to feelings of sadness and expression after a pet friend dies, presenting sympathy cards can help them reach out to the ones who are lonely in their grief.

The recipient will feel appreciated and supported in their tough time; and they will value the time and effort you put into expressing support.

Searching for sympathy cards online or having a reference card as an example can help you pen your words, and it makes writing easier for those of us who don’t have a natural flair for it.

How to write a pet sympathy card

When writing a pet sympathy card, it is best to keep the message brief and succinct.

While this may seem cold and unfriendly initially, short messages are better able to express feelings of sadness and support compared to long notes.

It will also sound more respectful and dignified.

You can use words like “warmly”, “sorry”, “heartfelt” and “caring” in sympathy messages.

Your pet sympathy card or message can contain a simple expression of ‘condolences’.

You can also speak highly of the deceased pet. This will give the owner comfort. It will allow them to recall fond memories of the pet.

Sympathy cards given on the loss of a pet can also express comfort, support and faith and show a sharing of sadness with the person who is going through the loss.

When chosen correctly, these words will portray your feelings and make the grieving person feel special and loved in their time of need.

The card may be illustrated with wonderful pictures of dogs and cats in happy surroundings.

A short title at the top will encourage the owners to read the card.

The words on the card express heartfelt sympathies, and should mention the pets name.

You may also indicate your belief that at some point the owner will be reunited with their pets in a better world.

Sending and giving pet sympathy cards is a wonderful tradition and should be practised more so that pet owners do not feel alone in their grief.


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