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Risk Management Courses

The Blackford Centre for Risk Management

The Risk Management Course Modules

  • An overview of the current state of risk management.

  • How to identify the most important risks.They might be ones you aren’t aware of

  • Everyone in your organisation ought to be aware of the risks they might create.Learn how to assign roles and responsibilities that meet the needs of your business.

  • Learn the best tools and techniques for managing your major risks.

  • Whether you’re a product or service organisation, poor quality and operational failure can be damaging.We consider what you can do to avoid bad headlines.

  • You can radically reduce the amount of slips, trips and falls; and more serious injuries as well.

  • Suppliers can be on the other side of the world.How can you ensure they’re committed to quality and to ethical standards?

  • What toxic fluids are your people using? How much is going down the drain? And how can you lessen your greenhouse gas emissions?

  • The climate is changing.We’re much more affected by floods, storms and sea level rise these days, not to mention drought in some parts of the world.How to protect your organisation from extreme weather

  • One careless moment or bad housekeeping can cause fire and ruin a business.

  • How to keep out thieves and burglars, and protect the business safe from industrial espionage.

  • How to become aware of the threat, and how to measure it.Even the most innocuous organisation can be at risk, especially if it does business abroad.

  • Much fraud is never discovered.Learn how to detect it.

  • Discover how to make your organisation robust against financial shocks, from cash flow to a stronger balance sheet.

  • Cyber threats are increasing.Learn how to protect the business.

  • Large sums of money are at stake.The future of the business could hang on it.How to make sure your projects succeed.

  • Are people doing what is expected of them? Good corporate governance makes sure you get no unexpected bad news.

  • Risks happen because people do silly things.We examine the various threats that staff cause, from the CEO to the most junior employee.

  • Bribery and corruption are a big risk where contracts are at stake or where you do business overseas.

  • How to make sure your organisation chooses the right strategic direction.

Plus you get 4 free Guides:

  1. Acquisition, Divestment and Partnership Risk
  2. Legal and Liability risk
  3. What risks will the future bring?
  4. Risk Management System: How to implement one.

We supply all the modules at the beginning of the course. That means you can study a topic whenever you choose. You don’t have to wait weeks to get to a section that you need.

About your assignments

There are six obligatory assignments, and four elective assignments. You can choose which of the 14 non-obligatory assignments you will submit as your electives. This gives you great freedom to concentrate on the areas of risk you want to focus on.

You can discuss with your tutor which electives you will choose, so as to get the most out of your course.

Module number Module name Obligatory assignments Elective assignments. Choose four from this list.
1 Risk management – a powerful tool Obligatory
2 How to identify and assess risk Elective
3 Who does what Elective
4 Treating risk Obligatory
5 Operations and products Elective
6 Health and Safety Obligatory
7 Procurement risk Elective
8 Environmental management Elective
9 Weather Elective
10 Fire risk Elective
11 Security risk Elective
12 Terrorists and Extremists Elective
13 Fraud risk Elective
14 Financial risk Elective
15 IT risk Obligatory
16 Governance Elective
17 Risk in projects Elective
18 People risks Obligatory
19 Ethical risk Elective
20 Strategic and marketing risk Obligatory

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