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3.23 How Businesses Operate
Unit aims To provide an overview of how businesses operate. Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of key business functions and their

importance to business success.

Unit level 3
Unit code M/507/2220
GLH 90
Credit value 15
Unit grading structure Pass/Merit/Distinction
Assessment guidance Assignments in accordance with awarding organisation guidance
Learning outcomes.

The learner will:

Assessment criteria.

The learner can:

Pass Merit Distinction
1. Understand the key features of a business environment 1.1     Describe the different types of organisations found in the public and private sectors in a named country

1.2     Explain the different structures within the businesses in the named country and suggest reasons for the variation

1.3     Describe how the local, national and global economic environment impacts on a particular named


Explain and exemplify how and why business objectives differ between different organisations  











Analyse the impact of the current national and global environments on businesses in the named country

2. Know the 2.1 Explain the importance of accounting for

business success.

importance of
accounting for
3. Be able to apply key principles of accounting and present and interpret data’ 3.1 Present and interpret key accounting information using profit and loss accounts Analyse business performance using basic ratios Analyse business performance using ratios and accounting information including budgets, profit and loss

accounts, cash flow predictions and ratios

4. Understand the principles of managing and leading teams in organisations 4.1     Describe the stages of team development

4.2     Carry out a Belbin analysis to determine own and others’ roles within a team.









Explain why it might









Evaluate how

4.3 Assess three


motivation theories



4.4 Describe different types of leadership style

be appropriate to use different leadership and motivational styles in different situations motivational theories are used in businesses to motivate employees


Evaluate the impact of different leadership styles on employees.

5. Know the role of the Human Resources department 5.1     Describe the different functions carried out by the HR department in a business

5.2     Outline key features of employment legislation





Explain the benefits of employment legislation to employees and






Analyse the impact of employment legislation on businesses in a named country

6. Understand the importance of customer service to organisational success 6.1     Explain the impact of customer service on business success

6.2     Explain the benefits of customer profiling to a business.

Analyse the impact of customer service on business success  



Analyse how customer profiling is used to help deliver targeted customer service


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